About Me

About Me

Back in 2003, as a high school girl, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Bummer. While I had no problem finding delicious gluten-free potato chips, chocolate, and ice cream, finding delicious bread proved to be impossible. So, I did what many in my situation did at that time, I did without. Fast forward a couple years. Gluten-free became part of the American vernacular and with that, a slew of delicious new products including cookies and crackers hit the market. I was happy! But alas, still no great gluten free bread options. The ones I tried were dry, tasteless, and stuck to my teeth! I was determined to discover an amazing gluten free bread option, one that was so good, even gluten eaters would enjoy! It took years of trial and error, but I was able to perfect the perfect unique blend of ingredients to arrive at the tastiest gluten free bread on the market! We are thrilled to share this amazing Kosher and Gluten-free product with you. You will not believe its gluten-free. Oh, and if it sticks to your teeth, it’s on us.


Have any questions? Reach out to us at  contact@thegfartisan.com 


  • Okay! The challah was AMAZING. I had one on Shabat and everyone was like, whoa!! you got challah?? - Shev H.
  • David L.
    Moist and fluffy with a good density and a nice chewiness. In other words - just right!
    David L.
  • Nikki R.
    The Gluten Free Artisan Challah is delicious. Gluten- Free bread tends to be dense with a wierd taste, TGFA Challah is soft and airy.    
    Nikki R.
  • Tracey R.
    With the absence of flour, one gets used to a crumbly texture and one misses the spongy/cake like texture of bread. You have perfected replicating that texture. Even in others, where you can get the texture, the flavor does not match up. When you pinch of a piece, it feels like it supposed to...just like a piece of bread!
    Tracey R.
  • The challah is almost as exceptional as the customer service. I love this gf challah very much. I recommend it to everyone - even for the people who don't have a gluten allergy, it's exceptional bread.